What to Do If the Domain Name You Want Is No Longer Available

You have set your heart on that perfect domain name, only to find that it’s no longer available. It can be one of the worst moments when planning your business, as you may have based your entire marketing and brand on that name. But don’t give up yet! Here are some ideas that may just get you that ideal domain name.

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Buy It!

Offer to buy it. There are domain name speculators who buy domain names for future investment. Or the domain name may have been bought with the intention to start a business, which is no longer running. So don’t give up too soon on that perfect domain name when you may be able to buy it.

Customise It

One industry tip is to put a verb in front of your domain name, such as ‘buy’ or ‘get’. If your desired domain name is ‘petfood’, for example, the result would be ‘buypetfood’. If that option is taken, try placing a noun after your domain name to get ‘petfoodbarn’ or even ‘petfoodplace’. If such domain name options are available, you have solved your problem while giving your customers some extra information about your business.

Get Advice

When you decide on the web hosting company that will be hosting your site, you can ask for their expert help about your domain name. It might be that the name you have decided on would not be appropriate for your business. Web hosting teams who are experienced in creating domain names, such as names.co.uk, will be able to offer you the right advice and point you in the direction of the best domain name for you.

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Country TLD?

You could try using your country’s TLD (Top Level Domain) to create your perfect domain name. In the UK, .co.uk is popular, but if you’re based in France you could use .fr or in Germany .de. Using country TLD’s might be a better option than just holding out for the .com or .org address.

Use a New URL Extension

New domain name extensions have been released just to help people with this problem. Some of the industry-specific extensions, such as for legal or accountancy firms, require proof of affiliation to a verified trade or professional body. Other newly released URLs apply to shopping sites, such as .store.

Use Hyphens?

People either love or hate this recommendation, as hyphens (-) have a funny way of being forgotten when searching the internet. It does depend largely on your customer base. Will you be providing your contact details to valued return customers or expecting your customers to find you through word of mouth or a quick internet search? It might just solve your problem.

It can be a real disappointment when you find the domain name you have decided on is not available. But by thinking creatively you may be able to have that ideal domain name after all.