The best ways to display your merchandise

For retail environments, visual merchandising is hugely important. Window displays and the way products are arranged is what attracts customers into the shop and keeps them there. Here are some tips for making the most of your merchandise:

Consider all the senses               

Yes, humans are highly visual creatures, but it pays not to overlook the effect of the other senses as well. What does the customer see but also how do they feel? Music plays an important role in creating an atmosphere, as does light, colour, scent and touch. Look into all these aspects when creating a display for merchandise.

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Depth and Height

By creating a contrast with height and depth, you can increase interest in a display. Also consider the strategic positioning of shelving so that the eye is free to wander and you can effectively grab the interest of your customers. Find out more about different options available in Shelving Ireland at a site like Rackzone


Be sure to refresh your layout and displays at least once a week. Returning customers will be disappointed if the same displays are left for weeks on end. A display need not be amazing, particularly if it’s not a big season but customers do expect a shop to feel and look fresh and current.

Wants not needs

A secret of retail marketing is to push displays of items that customers want and not the items that they need. The consumer is already coming in for the essentials they need but you want to attract them to the desirable products. Whether it’s luxury items or more upscale versions of those essentials, you want customers to think about treating themselves and they will only do this is the items are displayed effectively.

Don’t neglect the frontage

Displays should be focused closest to the door, with the latest and most expensive products sitting at the forefront. Stock the display with enough produce so the customer can pick up and feel without damaging the display and remember the aim of depth and height to grab attention.


Focusing on a spotlight for your display is another effective way to highlight where you want your customer to look. The best display in the world will go unnoticed if it is hidden in a dark, gloomy corner. The right lighting can add a strong visual impact and make the merchandise stand out in a great way.

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Don’t forget signs

Signs are effective for grabbing attention, informing customers about deals, promotions and sales. It can also be used as a clever way to direct customers around the store. Signs can also point out product groupings, such as cookware next to cookery books, for example.