Volunteering in Retirement

For many people, an impending retirement can be a quite a daunting time. With so much of life revolving around work, the feeling of it all not being there can be a difficult thing for many people who have spent over 40 years working to come to terms with.

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Of course, retirement affords us time to be able to enjoy life, and after all of those years working it is a great thing to have plenty of time on our hands, but the transition to retirement can sometimes be difficult.

Some people choose to spend plenty of time planning special holidays, others decide now Is the time to search for a new home such as these park homes for sale in Gloucestershire. But if you are at a bit of a loss for how to spend your days in retirement, one thing that may interest you is volunteering for a local group or charity.

As well as enriching your own life, you will also be helping other people or your local community, and you won’t lose that sense of purpose to life that working gives you. Some of the places that you could volunteer at include:

A local food bank – With poverty on the increase, food banks are always in need of donations and volunteers to help sort and distribute items

A Homeless Charity – Maybe cooking meals or serving them to people, or simply having a chat with people who have nowhere to live, there are many great charities who help homeless people in the UK

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Clean up the Community – Helping your local community by cleaning up litter from beauty spots and parks etc is a great way to volunteer your time