For retail environments, visual merchandising is hugely important. Window displays and the way products are arranged is what attracts customers into the shop and keeps them there. Here are some tips for making the most of your merchandise:

Consider all the senses               

Yes, humans are highly visual creatures, but it pays not to overlook the effect of the other senses as well. What does the customer see but also how do they feel? Music plays an important role in creating an atmosphere, as does light, colour, scent and touch. Look into all these aspects when creating a display for merchandise.

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Depth and Height

By creating a contrast with height and depth, you can increase interest in a display. Also consider the strategic positioning of shelving so that the eye is free to wander and you can effectively grab the interest of your customers. Find out more about …

One of the best ways to boost your mood and put a spring in your step is to get out and about and enjoy a walk in the woods. Whatever the season, the British woodlands have long been a place to relax, unwind and be inspired.

The Forest of Dean is certainly no exception – it has inspired the likes of William Wordsworth to JK Rowling to create their famous literature. The famous Wordsworth poem featuring daffodils was inspired by the local daffodil fields of Dymock and Newent and JK Rowling was inspired by Puzzlewood when she wrote Harry Potter.

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be out and about exploring the forest – treat yourself to some new cosy clothing such as this mens Ralph Lauren Polo knitwear and go out and see the mysterious, beautiful and enchanting Forest of Dean…

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For kids, …

This winter is probably going to be a little bit different to the usual – with restrictions on gatherings and fewer places to go, it is important that we focus on the things that we can do rather than the things that we can’t.

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time is by walking in the countryside – as well as keeping your body healthy, it is also good for the mind, especially as the current situation has caused a rise in mental illness, walking is a good way to keep yourself feeling well this winter.Visit Shamrock Gift, get yourself some aran sweaters and go out and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the best places to enjoy a walk is in the Forest of Dean – this ancient woodland in Gloucestershire has inspired authors, poets and artists, and is full of beautiful scenery and places to …

For many people, an impending retirement can be a quite a daunting time. With so much of life revolving around work, the feeling of it all not being there can be a difficult thing for many people who have spent over 40 years working to come to terms with.

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Of course, retirement affords us time to be able to enjoy life, and after all of those years working it is a great thing to have plenty of time on our hands, but the transition to retirement can sometimes be difficult.

Some people choose to spend plenty of time planning special holidays, others decide now Is the time to search for a new home such as these park homes for sale in Gloucestershire. But if you are at a bit of a loss for how to spend your days in retirement, one thing that may interest you is …