The Birds Just Keep Pecking

For some reason, I had to deal with the problem of birds landing on my roof and pecking at the roof. I’ve never seen anything like that before. The birds would do it all day long, and I just couldn’t understand why. There was no food up there for the birds to eat. I was worried about the integrity of the roof and how constant pecking from the birds would cause it to weaken. I heard that bird spikes would drive them away, but I didn’t want to install them myself, so I hired a bird spikes installer from a company that deals with bird problems in residential and commercial areas.

A friend of mine told me about a company that would be able to install the spikes for me. He used the same company in the past to handle a little bird problem he was having. He didn’t need to have spikes installed on his roof, but he did need to have some birds taken away that were constantly coming to his home and chasing his little dog. He was afraid that the birds would fly away with the dog or possibly eat it for dinner one day. Given how tiny his dog really is, I can see why he was concerned. The company promptly came and got rid of the birds without much trouble. After the job was done, my friend talked with the workers about the other services they offered, and that’s when he learned about the bird spikes.

After contacting the company, they agreed to have the spikes put on my roof. It didn’t take long for the spikes to be put into place, and once they were there, the birds didn’t want to land anywhere near my roof. Now they go to the other homes around me.