New Coleman Chairs for Our Camping Trips

My husband and I love to go camping. When we first got married, we decided to try it out. That first time was amazing for us both, and we try to go on at least three camping trips a year. We have three kids, and they all love to go camping too, especially since they can each bring a friend along. Because of that, we always have eight chairs along with all our other camping gear. We threw most of them out after our last camping trip, so I did a search for the 10 best Coleman chairs before our first camping trip of this season.

I only needed to get six total, but I wanted to get matching ones for all of us. It is not only easier to keep them organized that way, but I liked the unity feeling of it too. There were so many nice ones, and I almost got a few different kinds. As soon as I saw the Broadband Mesh chair though, I knew that it was the one I was going to get for all of us. I read at least a hundred reviews on it to make sure I was getting the right one, and I liked everything I read about.

The first thing that I liked was everyone agreed how comfortable these chairs are. The arms are also adjustable on these, which I really like. The mesh back is another feature that I really like. It allows breathing space, so none of us are going to have sweaty backs when we get up from them. They are also very easy to fold, and it was easy to stack all eight up when we went on our first trip. My husband is a bigger guy, and he told me it is the most comfortable Coleman chair he has ever owned. That is saying a lot!