I Need a Fast Typer

The secretary who used to work in my office was swapped out for one from a corporate service provider in Singapore. The secretary who used to work for me had one of the slowest typing speeds that I’ve ever seen from a secretary. I would often ask her if she was done typing a document, and she would tell me that she was still working on it. This was unacceptable, especially since I needed her to type so many time sensitive documents. The final straw for me was when I needed her to type a document to give to a client, but she didn’t have it typed in time, and the client decided to go with another company for business.

After parting ways with the secretary, I looked as fast as I could for someone to replace her. I found out about the corporate service provider from an online search in a business related forum. Representatives from other businesses talked about how they used this service to fill their secretary roles and they were pleased with the results. Given the positive reception from the other businesses, I had a good chance of getting a good secretary from the service.

Once the new secretary from the corporate service provider began to work for me, everything improved. The secretary was able to type documents pretty fast and delivered them to the proper location with ease. I never had to ask her how she was coming along with a document, because she would always come to me and tell me that the documents were done. Things around the office seemed to move a lot faster with the secretary putting out documents at a fast pace. It took a while for me to commit to the decision, but replacing the old secretary with a new one was the best choice.