Galaxy S – Splendid Phone, But A Bit Too Fragile

The Galaxy S3 has been out long enough now to prove it is an excellent phone. Most people who buy it are more than happy with its many features and pleasing if somewhat oversized design. However, after a few months the cracks begin to show in any mobile phone, and this flaw is an unfortunate one.

Part of the hype of the newest of the S models is the apparently strong Gorilla Glass 2… but there are many claims that people have dropped the phone from smaller than average heights, or simply sat on it, and it has cracked. Perhaps this is the thinness of the glass, perhaps the shallow protective bezel, or maybe these people were just unlucky, as the many happy customers probably wouldn’t report that their phone hadn’t broken yet. But, whatever the issue is, there is enough of a problem to be noteworthy.

This is not to say the Galaxy S3 is a special case. Many smartphones have a fragile screen, as the thin glass is needed for the touchscreen facility to operate. You see many an iPhone with a cracked or even smashed screen, and there are other smartphones that break. An indestructible glass fronted phone just does not exist, and in fact, any iPhone not in a protective case looks like an accident waiting to happen. These phones must be greased in the factories, the amount they slip out of people’s hands!

While some would balk at its lightweight body there’s no reason to make a phone heavier than it needs to be.  And the Galaxy S3 has expandable memory up to 128 GB, more than you will ever use, even if you are watching films on the HD screen, or taking rolls of photos on the 8 megapixel camera. So, what’s the alternative for those clumsier phone users among us?  Hands up if it’s you, but don’t knock over your monitor…

Well the Panasonic Eluga is dustproof and waterproof to an impressive extent. It’s not quite as rugged in looks or actuality as the Sonim XP1300, but it’s mighty good for a touchscreen.  Unfortunately, it’s just not as good as the Samsung.  This isn’t to say it’s a bad phone, it’s thin, nice to the touch, the screen is reasonable – 960 x 540 qHD is not exactly lo-res, but it’s not quite contending with some of the other phones available. A good compromise is the HTC One X or the tougher Motorola Razr Maxx which has near unrivalled battery life in its Kevlar shell.

However, if you’re looking for something really different, have you considered a smart watch? The majority of them pair with your phone so you wont even have to remove it from your pocket, and also look great. You can get models from Motorola or Samsung that look like funky computers, or even hybrid designer versions from design houses like Hugo Boss watches, that look like traditional analogue watches but have a digital inside! Something to think about for those of you that like wrist wear…