8 more tips for safer forklift truck usage in your storage facility

It is essential that you ensure that the forklifts operating in your storage facility do not present a hazard to the safety of your employees.

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Here are eight more ways in which you can make sure that forklift trucks are operated safely in your workplace.

1. Maximise visibility

In some circumstances, you’ll have better visibility operating the forklift in reverse but this is never true when moving up a ramp.

Make sure that you have a clear view of the racking when positioning the load and use a colleague as a lookout when necessary.

2. Take extra care if lifting other employees

Colleagues can only be transported where there is a second seat that is correctly fitted. To use a forklift to lift a colleague to reach a height, a securely attached work platform and cage must be used.

3. Keep the area around the mast clear

No one can stand or walk under the load as something could fall on them. Hands and feet need to be kept clear of the cross members of the mast at all times.

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4. Take special measures when driving on ramps

You must travel up a ramp in a forward direction but down ramps in reverse to prevent tipping.

5. Never overload the forklift

According to the Health and Safety Executive, vehicle overturns are a leading cause of deaths associated with vehicles at work. You can prevent tipping by knowing the capacity of the forklift and never exceeding it.

6. Evenly distribute the load

When you have invested in industrial shelving in Ireland, from a supplier such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving, you will have the capacity to store large quantities of varied items. When you are loading them onto the forklift, you must make sure that they are evenly distributed. Never lift a load with one fork.

7. Take extra care when refuelling

Specially designated locations in well-ventilated areas should be available for refuelling. It is essential that the forklift is turned off when it is being refuelled.

8. Shut down the forklift correctly

At the end of the working day, park the forklift in a designated area and make sure that the forks are fully lowered and the parking brakes are applied. Then the ignition must be turned off. Never leave a running forklift unattended.