The Crime-Ridden Area of Our Neighborhood is Just Right Up the Street

Alarm systems are everywhere nowadays. You can see the yard signs on every block. There is no shortage of alarm companies out there that want to sell you a system either. I was suspicious of the claims of many, then I found a website for home security systems that helped us get the exact system we needed for our home. There have not been any burglaries on our block. Our cars have been safe whether parked on the street or in our driveways. The kids can leave their bicycles out all night, and there is really not any sort of theft or even petty shenanigans going on. However, the neighborhood changes just a couple of blocks away.

The bad part of town is encroaching on our quiet little cul de sac. The houses that have the heroin addicts and domestic abuse calls that are a regular staple that keeps our local police department busy are just up the street. The people that live there have cars. They can get to us any time they like. Not everyone that lives in that area are criminals, but the bulk of the police reports for our town come from that small area of streets in our town. The majority of crimes occur right there. What do we do?

Can we change the people that live there? Maybe some social reengineering will help, but we have to live in our homes right now. We desire to take reasonable steps for protection of the things we have worked very hard to obtain. Us and our neighbors are not rich. We are just working-class folks who have homes and families at stake. We choose to protect our human and material valuables with a quality home security system. Early warning is very important. Twenty-four hour monitoring is very important. Even if we lived in a crime-free area, the smoke and carbon monoxide protection that is monitored is worth the cost of an alarm system.