How to choose the right commercial catering equipment

Planning a commercial kitchen requires a lot of time and consideration. Regulations must be met whilst creating a space that is useful and easily maintained. It is worth dividing your space into the different areas required to ensure you have everything you need to run a successful business.

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Food prep

Hygiene is obviously key in the food prep area; therefore, it is worth considering stainless steel units, which are easier to clean. Remember that you will need to install separate sinks for food prep to those used for hand washing. Plan and organise your counter space to ensure you have room for any appliances you will be using, such as food processors and kettles.


When choosing your cooking equipment, you firstly have to assess your power supply. Gas ovens are preferable, as they are more responsive; however, they are expensive if you would have to add a gas supply. Commercial electric ovens can still produce excellent results and are slightly more energy-efficient. Microwaves need to be commercial models to cope with the high usage, and it is vital to remember the importance of extractor units for all appliances. Make sure all equipment complies with government regulations.

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You will require three types of storage: dry, refrigeration and freezer. Consider practicalities such as making sure there is enough room for deliveries to be made near the storage area without getting in the way of staff. Choosing the right catering fridge and freezer is vital, so consider the space you have available and look at different options that specialists such as can supply. You may need anything from a small counter refrigerator to a large cold room.


After the cooking has been done, you will need the right equipment for cleaning up. Sinks, dishwasher and even glass washing machines may be necessary. Again, size plays a part, so make sure you choose the right equipment for your commercial needs.

Choosing the equipment for a commercial kitchen is a large financial investment, so it is crucial to get it right. Keep in mind the space you have available and the processes involved in the kitchen, choosing the equipment accordingly. This will be one of your main expenses, so take advice and choose the right commercial catering equipment for your business.