Five ageing style mistakes

Style is a personal thing, but there are several style mistakes that all design-conscious men should avoid. Read on to find out about the fashion mistakes that can age you.

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Blazer and jeans

A common mistake is wearing a blazer with jeans. The worst outfit of all is a blazer with stonewashed jeans and brown brogue shoes. This look should be avoided, even though this ‘dad’ style is making its way into the fashion pack. If you want to rock this type of outfit, you should opt for black slim-fit trousers worn with a smart jacket.

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The wrong shape

No matter what your shape, wearing clothes that do not fit can make you look worse. Steer away from anything body-hugging; equally, avoid anything overly baggy. If any clothes stretch where they should not, such as around your belly, it is time to ditch them. Blazers should be well-fitted and remember to buy shirts that are long enough to cover your skin without looking too longline.

V-neck T-shirts

Be careful with V-necks, especially if you have a lot of chest hair. This is a Simon Cowell look and does not usually look good! The best bet is to buy a crew-neck T-shirt instead, which sits higher around the neck and is more flattering and youthful. Crew-neck T-shirts combined with classic mens designer jackets from stockists such as can look stylish at any age.

Brown brogues and navy jeans

Dark blue jeans are always a good buy; however, pairing them with brown shoes is not a good look. This is especially true if the jeans are boot-cut style and sit over the top of pointed shoes. Choose a slimmer fit of jeans that does not bag out over your shoes and pick a single shade that is dark and does not fade around the knees. There are many types of jeans, with new jeans brands being launched all the time.

Slogan T-shirts

A brand name can often be fine across the chest; however, steer away from crazy slogans and funky lettering, which gives the impression of an older person trying to appear young. Choose subtle T-shirts in classic colours, such as black, white or grey. Try to find 100 per cent cotton, as this will last longer and look better than synthetic materials.