Is Gloss Laminate Flooring Right for Your Home?

Although commonly overlooked, flooring is a great way to instantly elevate the look of a room and your home overall. The laminate option has remained so popular because of its sleek and attractive look, its durability and its general cost-effectiveness.

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High gloss laminate flooring in particular is popular because it gives an air of polish and newness to a room.

However, before making this choice in your home, consider some of the positives and negatives below.

Positive — Low Maintenance

This form of high gloss flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean. It can be swept with normal household products such as vacuum cleaners, mops and cleaning solutions and is far less likely to stain than real wood or stone options.

Positive — Choice and Installation

If you select a company that is experienced in installing flooring, such as, you will have a wide range of options that can be easily achieved. The flooring is available in a variety of finishes and can be professionally fitted to the dimensions of your home.

Negative — Potentially Hazardous

If you are using the flooring in areas where there might be spilled liquid, the material can become slippery. Ensure these are quickly cleaned and perhaps even consult a home safety checklist. That way you can enjoy your flooring and not risk needless accidents in the home.

Positive — Cost-Effective

Compared to the real counterparts like stone and wood finishes, laminate-style flooring is cheaper to both install and maintain.