With the hundreds of thousands of people who play netball for fun and competitively, a good question to ask is why netball isn’t an Olympic sport. Back in 1995 netball was recognised as an Olympic sport (after a mere 20 years of focused lobbying!), but it has never been included in any summer Olympic games. The netball community views this omission as one of the main reasons why the game isn’t as popular worldwide as it should be. The reasons for this stance by the Olympic Committee have been mooted as being because this wonderful game is mainly played in countries which are members of the British Commonwealth and by players who are mainly female.

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A campaign by http://netballsquad.co.uk/netball-olympics/ to get netball recognised as an Olympic sport was robust in its approach but was unable to sway the 2020 Tokyo committee who plumped for baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports …

Style is a personal thing, but there are several style mistakes that all design-conscious men should avoid. Read on to find out about the fashion mistakes that can age you.

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Blazer and jeans

A common mistake is wearing a blazer with jeans. The worst outfit of all is a blazer with stonewashed jeans and brown brogue shoes. This look should be avoided, even though this ‘dad’ style is making its way into the fashion pack. If you want to rock this type of outfit, you should opt for black slim-fit trousers worn with a smart jacket.

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The wrong shape

No matter what your shape, wearing clothes that do not fit can make you look worse. Steer away from anything body-hugging; equally, avoid anything overly baggy. If any clothes stretch where they should not, such as around your belly, it is time to ditch them. Blazers should …

Although commonly overlooked, flooring is a great way to instantly elevate the look of a room and your home overall. The laminate option has remained so popular because of its sleek and attractive look, its durability and its general cost-effectiveness.

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High gloss laminate flooring in particular is popular because it gives an air of polish and newness to a room.

However, before making this choice in your home, consider some of the positives and negatives below.

Positive — Low Maintenance

This form of high gloss flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean. It can be swept with normal household products such as vacuum cleaners, mops and cleaning solutions and is far less likely to stain than real wood or stone options.

Positive — Choice and Installation

If you select a company that is experienced in installing flooring, such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html, you will have a wide range …

One of the usually ignored skills inside our personal and company toolbox is our skills for time management. Just how many times have you fallen victim to having a project go astray for one reason or another so when you dig if you would have only enhanced your time management skills that you could have saved a lot of headaches (and time) in you find that? Do you ever plan for a job to simply take an  hour, however it takes four hours? On the other side regarding the coin, have you allotted an full hour to complete a job that just took 10 minutes?

A key time management skill is calculating. Your power to estimate the quantity of time an activity will need can be quite essential, in the home, at play, in your social life but specially at work. Therefore now i could hear you ask “Okay Tracy, …

As far as home-improvement projects go, it’s not the scale of the changes that you make. Instead, the deciding factor should be the impact that is created. With this mindset, you need not spend thousands of dollars to make an impression. This handpicked selection of home-improvement tips and tricks is suitable for all types of projects.

Use paint made for touching up appliances to cover up flaws on ceramic tile. Did you chip one of your tiles moving furniture? This type of paint will make it look almost as good as new. It dries hard with a glossy color that is hardly distinguishable from the surface of the tile itself.

If water still continues to run from the toilet tank, then you should check the float ball. A float ball that is positioned too high will constantly cause water to enter the toilet’s overflow pipe. A float ball that is …