Are You in Danger of Over-Coaching Your Football Team?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ – well, that can be said of over-coaching Football players. Too much instruction to players can have a negative effect on performance, and there is a fine line between being prepared and being coached to distraction.

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What is Over-Coaching?

Over coaching is excessive input from a coach to his/her players which becomes debilitating, harming performance. A coach should put structures in place to allow the natural skill and talent of their team thrive. Too much input from the coach can stifle creativity. There is something to be said for giving your team their Discount Football Kits that you can find at for the training sessions and just a watching their play for a few weeks so that you can develop a plan that takes its account their …

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most glamorous and exciting events on the sporting calendar. Taking place on the streets of Monaco since 1929, the Grand Prix is part of the F1 triple crown, along with the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Indy 500.

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The legendary Graham Hill was nicknamed Mr Monaco, after winning the event an incredible five times. Hill is also the only driver to have achieved the prestigious triple crown. He remained the event’s record holder until the 1990s, when Brazil’s Ayrton Senna won the race an amazing six times – including an unprecedented five wins back-to-back from 1989 to 1993.

After decades at the forefront of F1, the Monaco Grand Prix still attracts thousands of fans from all over the globe.

Those desiring a premier vantage spot should check out some of the luxury apartments overlooking the course, including Ermanno Palace, …

With the hundreds of thousands of people who play netball for fun and competitively, a good question to ask is why netball isn’t an Olympic sport. Back in 1995 netball was recognised as an Olympic sport (after a mere 20 years of focused lobbying!), but it has never been included in any summer Olympic games. The netball community views this omission as one of the main reasons why the game isn’t as popular worldwide as it should be. The reasons for this stance by the Olympic Committee have been mooted as being because this wonderful game is mainly played in countries which are members of the British Commonwealth and by players who are mainly female.

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A campaign by to get netball recognised as an Olympic sport was robust in its approach but was unable to sway the 2020 Tokyo committee who plumped for baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports …

As far as home-improvement projects go, it’s not the scale of the changes that you make. Instead, the deciding factor should be the impact that is created. With this mindset, you need not spend thousands of dollars to make an impression. This handpicked selection of home-improvement tips and tricks is suitable for all types of projects.

Use paint made for touching up appliances to cover up flaws on ceramic tile. Did you chip one of your tiles moving furniture? This type of paint will make it look almost as good as new. It dries hard with a glossy color that is hardly distinguishable from the surface of the tile itself.

If water still continues to run from the toilet tank, then you should check the float ball. A float ball that is positioned too high will constantly cause water to enter the toilet’s overflow pipe. A float ball that is …