We Are Getting Our Nails Done Together Again

When my daughter told me she was marrying someone she met at school in Singapore, I was thrilled beyond belief for her. She had moved there a couple of years ago to work in a school. She is in her 30s, so I knew she was getting to the point of thinking if she would be alone all her life. I immediately made plans to fly over since the wedding was just in a few weeks. On the flight, I did a search for manicure and pedicure in Singapore because this was something I wanted the two of us to do together before she got married.

I was not worried about meeting the man she was going to marry because she has incredibly good taste when it comes to people she includes in her inner circle. I knew without a doubt that I would like him. I just wanted the two of us to spend some quality time together though, and having our nails done was something that would bring back a lot of memories for the both of us. I had never been to her condo before, so I had to use the internet to find the best nail salon.

I looked at the one that is closest to where she lives, which is where I will be staying for nearly a month. I am going to take care of her cats while she is honeymooning, so I wanted to pick a salon that I could feel comfortable visiting more than once. The one that is by her condo is the one that I chose, and I was able to make an appointment for the two of us for a few days before the wedding. We have not went yet, but we are both excited to get our nails done with one another just like we used to do!